Sex Offender Map

Do You Live Near a Sexual Predator?

You may have heard of a website called that helps you located registered sex offenders in your area. It was very popular after Oprah mentioned it on her show, but it’s not the only resource available online.

Did you know? Each state has their own website dedicated to tracking sex offenders. We’ve put together a list of sex offender registry websites below to make your research easier for you.

How to use resources: Simply follow the instructions on your state’s website and you’ll find out immediately if your living near a sexual predator.

Mapping Sex Offenders

As a parent with young children, you want to know if your neighbors present a threat. We’ve even heard stories of people who were living with a sex offender and didn’t even know it until they checked a map of their area.

One of the premier online resources is the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW). We found this list on their website and reproduced it.

Dru Sjodin was a college student who was abducted and killed by a Level 3 Registered Sex Offender in Minnesota that had just been released from prison.

Sex Offender Registries by State