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Dangerous Wildfire What is Public Safety Exactly?

What exactly is public safety? What are we talking about? Public safety is concerned with anything that presents a danger to a community as a whole.

Google Maps Google Announced: Public Safety Alerts

Google announced last year that they are working together with a company called Nixle to provide information about emergency situations quickly.

Proud Fire Fighter Current Jobs Openings in Public Safety

If you're looking for a new career in serving the public good then check out these available positions.

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The CPSE is an organization that promote continual improvement in the quality of fire and emergency services.

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Every person likes to be aware of things that are going on in the nation and also in their neighborhood. Parents need to be aware of a sex offender living near their neighborhood. People want to know of potential tornadoes or hurricanes that may be on the way. The public needs to be alerted of an outbreak of a hazardous disease, or a potentially dangerous wildfire. Everyone wants to know ahead of time if something or someone is going to pose a danger, whether it is to themselves, their families, or their homes.

Public safety alerts are ways to get the word out to the mass public that something is going to happen, or that something did indeed happen in their vicinity. They use these to prepare and protect. There are several ways to stay informed and know what is happening nationally and in your local community.


National (and local) alerts, especially for weather warnings and amber alerts, will usually be seen and heard on local television stations and radio stations. They will interrupt the regularly scheduled program to alert the community of any emergency situations. Most television and radio stations participate in the Emergency Alert System (EAS). The EAS can reach the nation quickly in case of a threat or national emergency. If your local station does not participate in the EAS, you can request that they do.


There are websites that offer public safety alerts. AlertID and Nixle are two reputable websites that cater to the public in any area of the country. You simply log on, type in your location (which can be anywhere in the country) and sign up for crime alerts, sex offender alerts, amber alerts, and weather alerts. They are constantly keeping up with local information via the National Weather Service, the Geological Survey, the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, and National Amber alerts. They also have important information on local crimes and arrests in your town. The alert websites allow you to put in your home address, your work address, the address of your child's school, your church, other family members' homes, or other places in your area that you may frequent.


Most safety alert websites, such as AlertID and Nixle, also have mobile apps so that you can get alerts when you are not on your computer, or in front of a television, or listening to a radio. You can sign up to receive emails or texts, and have notifications sent directly to your smart phone in any category of alert type.

Many television news and radio news stations also offer mobile apps to download to your smart phone. You can go to your settings and select to receive alerts for certain emergency situations or weather emergencies straight to your phone via notification, or via text. If you have an Android phone, you may choose to download the Google Now app, which has Google Public Alerts and will notify you on your smart phone of any emergency alerts.

There are many ways to gather information on an emergency situation, whether it is a national alert, or a local alert. With the technology that we have available in this day and age, everyone will likely be alerted of any kind of threat. We just need to always be alert and keep up to date on certain situations locally and around the county.